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Welcome to True Citrus

This True Citrus email is the first welcome email out of a series of 4 messages. Based on click/purchase behavior from this send, we segment the welcome series to send a message to those that used the coupon code or a separate message to those that have not made a purchase using that code. The social section does a great job of not only giving a click avenue to explore/follow True Citrus social sites, but also gives subscribers a visual of the type of imagery/content they find on those sites. The “Update Your Profile” section is dynamic based on the subscriber’s current preferences profile – the main purpose is to collect the subscriber’s birthdate (welcome email 4 is dedicated to acquiring birthday) and if there is data for that field, this section is hidden. There are multiple instances of graphics containing text and, because this email is responsive, they were designed to be legible when scaled down on mobile screens. On top of all that it’s pleasing to the eye and easy to read.

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