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Email Weekly’s Most Loved
We love our Email Weekly audience and the #emailgeeks community, so we thought what better way to share that love than list some of our favourite #email things!
Top Email Design Review posts:
Web fonts in email: A how-to on including fonts in your emails
Bulletproof Backgrounds: Now including GANGA (Gmail app non-gmail account)
The Email 'Fold': Results from our #EmailWeekly test
Top email designs:
GiffGaff: Your 2018 with us
Nike: These Boots End Games
All 4: Shipwrecked – meet the castaways
Top industry links:
Litmus: 2019 State of Email
Knowbility: Tips For Writing Accessible Emails: Subject Lines
MS Office Insiders: Animated gif support in Outlook!
We also love:
Email Design Review:
January inbox detox
Can't Unsee:
Test your design eye
Sam Altman:
How To Be Successful
Taxi for Email
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