May 22nd, 2020

Feedback Friday: WAVE Meditation

This week we look at WAVE Meditation's product emails.


Hey everyone, welcome to Feedback Friday! It's another episode from Greenville, South Carolina in this case. Sometimes San Francisco, sometimes Chicago, sometimes Tennessee. All over the place. We are happy to be here. Today we are going to review WAVE Meditation emails. I am pretty interested in meditation.

Some of you were there for my meditation at UNSPAM, our email conference. If you'd like to do some meditations with me, just hit me up @whale on the Twitters and we could set up a live meditation. For the rest of us doing work all day. WAVE is an interesting tool. I was pretty amazed by what they're trying to do.

So they've got a tool where they connect a vibrating backrest seat rest with the audio in their guided meditations, and it is a really interesting sensory experience. I recommend it. I found it super interesting and very fascinating and a cool tool for some people for meditation. Not everybody is going to be hooked up this way, but I think it's interesting.

In this case, I was given a pillow WAVE device and it had arrived, which was a cool thing. So this is a triggered email that has been sent to me to let me know my WAVE is here and here's what to do now. And I think this sort of omnichannel experience is so powerful. Show me how somebody is using the product with this image.

Then get me into the product. Oh, I need to register it. Cool. I can do that. If you've already registered for a WAVE account through your order confirmation email, click the icon below and get the WAVE app. Showing me how people have it set up, giving me a sense of, okay, here's what's next. And letting me see how people are using the product.

I think this is just a nice followup. So this team has thought through how do we have this omnichannel experience where people have received the product and what do they want to know from an email? So I think they've done a nice job at that. The one piece of feedback, you know, would be like, there's a lot of centered content here, and centered text is always going to be pretty difficult to read, so just keep an eye on that as you use it.

I think it works okay here because it's mostly pretty short. One of the areas where I think that it's a little awkward is left-aligned icons with centered text. I would probably have set that up with left-aligned text to align with these icons a little better. I think setting up your kit could have been probably a little bit bigger font, like maybe this one here.

You know, if it were up to me, I probably would have made this one nice and big and then made these, that size up here. I think it stands out a little bit more and creates a little bit more different. Sometimes when fonts get too close to each other in size, things stop working quite as well. So you want to make sure that the visual hierarchy in your design system is set up.

But overall, I think this is working pretty well and it helps do its job, right? The job of the email here is to move me forward in my WAVE experience and it's doing that. So let's jump into the other WAVE email that we've got. This is actually before I receive my device, and this is the opportunity to get into the app and start working on it. 

So I did these backward. This is the one that you know I would have received before, and I love it. Like it allows me to know, Hey, I can start my meditation journey off strong. I don't know what 3000 vibes means. That is a little bit weird to me.

So maybe a little bit more information about like what 3000 vibes is and how it earns me something like that's a little confusing. So being able to paint the picture. A lot of folks get this, it's difficult to get this right, but a lot of folks don't do enough explaining about what something is. And by a lot of folks, I probably mean me, but like enough explaining about what will I get from this. 

So one of the things I've learned is don't ask your customers for more than you're willing to give them. You know, like if you're asking for an email address, make sure you're giving them something better in return and early.

And so this is a little bit weird to me. Like I want to be a little clearer about what that means first, but nice clear CTA gets me right in. And then also. Oh, here we go. Meditate, earn vibes unlocks swag. So that would have been helpful up here, and I think that connection could have been clearer. Right?

So in fact, I would have put this imagery up top. Now that said, I'm not meditating for swag. Does the metaphor work? That doesn't feel quite right. I'm meditating for peace. I'm meditating for less anxiety. I'm meditating for better relationships, you know? And so this is cool swag, but I'm not sure that it fits.

Now that said, maybe they've locked in on or tapped into a different audience than me. Which is very possible. Right? So maybe this is a, an audience that is a little bit more into meditating for some different reasons. So it's interesting to see, and I'm curious to see what they've learned. But again, we would go from this email over to the next one after purchasing.

I do like that they've used two different CTA values here. You can see down here. But they use another one, but that they use the same big, bright, clear CTA. Notice that they have very few fonts and they're making that work. Keep playing that design golf, which is getting your point values down. The number of differences, every single difference you have in a design is a point, right?

So this typography one point, this one, two points, three points, four points for the CTA, five points. This is six points cause it's not that. I think it might be the same size as this one, but it's also black. So it's another point. Right? And you've just added a lot. Now I bet they could have gotten away with two or three points less.

Now is it working? Yes. But we talked about Avocode a few weeks back, and I think that's a good example of one that like was dialed in. Every time you can reduce that friction. You make your emails simpler and more effective at getting to the strategy of the email. So hopefully that helps. 

Always interested in your feedback though. I'm just one reviewer. What are your reviews? What do you think is working in this email? What do you think is not working? Let me know what you think. I love hearing from everybody. Please leave comments down below. Don't forget to subscribe and let other people know about what we're doing over here.

We're excited about joining up with you. I am heading out for a good weekend. Can't wait to rest and relax and try and survive this insane time we're going through. All right. Love you all, Email Geeks. See you out there.


Feedback Friday



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